Born from decades of extensive experience in large and diverse enterprises, our founders started TE to fill a persistent gap in most modern IT shops – efficient IT operations. The foundation of most IT organizations– a potpourri of technical talent and commodity hardware and software – generally lacks the essential culture of operational sustainability and efficiency.

At TE, we apply technology and management best practices to every solution we develop and every customer we support to ensure that IT isn’t just a focus on the tech. It’s one thing to find a technical solution, but another to do so responsibly and with an eye towards maintaining it cheaply and with continued value.

We’re a small woman-owned business – and like it that way so we can better serve your needs! – but work with any size business in both the private and public sectors across the United States. Our industry experience includes healthcare, Federal government, and a variety of commercial arenas. If you’re interested in working with an IT company that cares about more than just the technology, then we hope TE can be your trusted partner.


TE provides a broad range of services dedicated to support efficiency, workflow and process management of
small businesses to large enterprises.

Application Development

Business doesn't run efficiently without the use of applications. TE provides custom application development, off the shelf software support and customization, cloud based software services, application platform development and customization and training.


We wouldn’t be a tech company if we didn’t also support it, especially since our passion in the industry started with our nerdy tendencies! We provide a full range of technology services including engineering, architecture, operations, networking, identity management, messaging and collaboration, websites, software engineering, technical documentation, cyber security, and cloud migrations and hosting.


When you need help beyond the technical, our general consulting services ensure you are getting the most of your investment. We provide life cycle management, training and workshops, speaking engagements, staff augmentation, audit and compliance, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, system certification and accreditation, budgeting, help desk, capacity planning, service catalog development, chargeback modeling, and Virtual CIO.

Project Management

We provide technical project management services for any project, large or small. Our certified and detail-oriented PMs can manage your project from inception to closeout while providing pull transparency to give you peace of mind that it will be a success.